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Remington 700 Gunstocks

The Remington 700 ADL is a bling mag type action. There is no clip or floorplate on the bottom side. There is a distinct "D" shape cutout in the trigger guard area. These stocks use an escutcheon in the stock for the from take down screw. There are two more take down screws that go down through the trigger guard: one through the hole, and one through the "D" shaped cutout.

The BDL has a bottom hinged floorplate that allows shells to be released from the bottom of the action. There is no escutcheon in the BDL stocks. The floorplate is a one piece design - this means the triffer guard and hinge plate are all one piece.

Measurements between the take down screws:
LA - 7 3/8"
SA - 6 1/2"

Remington 700 Stocks - TUNDRA

Remington 700 stock

  • Right Handed ONLY

The Tundra is a Sporter style thumbhole stock that is great for the woods or the range. The Tundra features a rollover cheek piece and a semi-flat forend for greater stability when shooting from a rest. This exciting drop-in gunstock is complete with a rubber buttplate and a semigloss weather resistant finish.

Remington 700 Stocks - HERITAGE CLASSIC

  • Right Handed ONLY
  • REM 700 ADL - SA/LA
  • REM 700 BDL - SA/LA

The Heritage Classic Remington 700 stock from Revolution Stocks embodies all the graceful design elements found in classic rifle stocks costing far more, yet it subtly balances those elements for the variety of applications it will serve. The slender, somewhat open grip on this Remington stock is well defined, but does not extend too far below the toe line. The comb is parallel to the bore for smooth sighting and to aid scope use. The cheekpiece adds facial support and grace to your new replacement stock. The stock's flat/oval forend and inletting fits a wide range of rifles.

Remington 700 Stocks - VARMINT THUMBHOLE

  • Right Handed ONLY
  • Barrel Channel inletted for Varmint Barrel
  • REM 700 ADL - SA/LA
  • REM 700 BDL - SA/LA

The Varmint Thumbhole has a heavier forend. Material has been removed under the barrel area to reduce weight and vents have been added to the sides of the forend. The Varmint thumbhole Remington 700 stock has a comfortable palm swell, a rollover style cheek piece, and a wide beavertail forend with vents to promote barrel cooling. This drop-in style Remington stock from Revolution Stocks is complete with a 3/4" vented recoil pad and a semigloss weather resistant finish.

The back part of the Varmint stock is similar to the Tundra stock. The forend part of the Varmint stock is wider and heavier to accomodate actions with Varmint barrels. Vents have been added to the sides of the forend. Wood has been removed under the barrel channel to reduce weight and allow air flow around the barrel.