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Savage 112 Gunstocks

Savage 112 Gunstocks

The back part of the Varmint stock is similar to the Tundra stock. The forend part of the Varmint stock is wider and heavier to accomodate actions with varmint barrels. Vents have been added to the sides of the forend. Wood has ben removed from under the barrel channel to reduce the weight and allow air flow around the barrel.

The Model 12 is a long action and is made for blind mad. The action is held down with two (2) takedown screws. There is one through the trigger guard and one through the escutcheon. The back of the trigger guard is held down with a small wood screw (which will come off of the factory stock). We have drilled a pilot hole for this screw.

Measrement between takedown screws:
LA - 5 1/16"
SA - 4 3/8"

The magazine pocket is inletted for the new centerfeed magazine. This means the magazine is held in place by the stock, it is not attached to the bottom of the receiver. The stock is also inletted to accept the factory pillars that Savage installs in their newer stocks. There are two pillars: one in the trigger guard area, and one in the front that doubles as the escutcheon.

Savage 12 Stocks - VARMINT STOCK

savage 12 stock

  • RIGHT Handed
  • Blind Mag(4.40" Accu & Non Accu-Triggers)

The Varmint thumbhole Savage stock, with comfortable palm swell, a rollover style cheek piece and a wide beavertail forend with vents to promote barrel cooling. This Savage 12 stock & Savage 112 stock from Revolution Stocks is complete with a 3/4" vented recoil pad and a semigloss weather resistant finish.

Available for Savage 12 Blind Mag Varmint Barrel. (4.40"). Rifle stock comes with a 3/4" thick vented airecoil pad. If you have an older Savage rifle, you will need to note on your order to include a set of pillars. Additionally, if you are converting from a synthetic stock to a wood one, you'll need to order a longer set of takedown screws from Savage. Unfortunately, we don't manufacture these screws ourself.