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Savage 93 Mark II Gunstocks

Savage 93 Mark II Gunstocks

Savage 93 MKII Stocks - TUNDRA

savage 93 mkii stock

  • Right and Left Handed
  • Factory Standard Barrel
  • Factory Heavy Barrel (.825")

The Tundra is a Sporter style thumbhole stock that is great for the woods or the range. The Tundra features a rollover cheek piece and a semi-flat forend for greater stability when shooting from a rest. This exciting drop-in gunstock is complete with a rubber buttplate and a semigloss weather resistant finish.

The Savage 93 MKII stock is available in .22LR and .22WMR. The inletting does not change from the .22LR to the .22WMR, so the same stock will work for either action. The barrel channel is inlet to a diameter of .875". The stock is inlet for the Savage "E" receiver. A receiver that is not an "E" receiver may still fit, but you may need to make some minor inletting adjustments.

At the top of the inletting, the distance between the takedown screws is 3 11/16".

You will need to purchase the bottom metal for your stock. The bottom metal is made by Keyston and consists of a trigger guard and a clip plate. You will need to specify blued or stainless color, and whether the floorplate is standard, magnum, or "E" standard. You can tell the difference between the magnum and standard floorplates by looking at the current floorplate on your rifle. The hole in a magnum floorplate is tapered to one side, while the standard is a perfect rectangle.